1. Put up motivational quotes wherever you can see them.
  2. Write in a journal your number one priority and schedule in your day timer.
  3. Write your goals on a recipe card and insert in wallet.
  4. Tell your closest friend or spouse and have them be your cheerleader.
  5. Make up your excuse list of why you cannot possibly take the action required for example, being too busy.
  6. Cut out a picture that represents what you want and look at it every night and morning
  7. Assess what the mind is telling you whenever you think of achieving your goal. “Do I need to do this because if I don’t exercise I will die” as opposed to “I want to do this so I can feel better and have the vital force energy to actually get on to doing other activities I truly enjoy such as gardening”.
  8. Assess your emotions to ensure they align with your proposed goal. When you think about taking action toward your goal does it evoke anxiety and dread or excitement and energy?
  9. Implementation strategy is much more important than visualizing the desired state as opposed to the “Secret Theory”. Spend more time visualizing yourself in the actions it requires to achieve the goal. For example, see yourself jogging and conjure up how it would feel in the body. If it is diet see yourself making beautiful meals that are not only nutritious but support weight loss. See yourself at a restaurant eagerly ordering the meal that supports your diet instead of the burger and fries.

10. Be prepared to stumble and by that I mean think of all the possible barriers that may get in the way of you achieving your goals. For example, the left over beer in the fridge or birthday cake. The weather – it’s raining, it’s snowing. Consult the excuse list and make sure it is not getting in the way because there are enough legitimate excuses without adding in self-imposed excuses.

  1. Think about your purpose in life? Do you want to give, be loving, be doing, and enjoy? Having a body that is healthy and vital are critical to living out your purpose.

12. Think about what you value? Do you value having the strength and stamina to achieving life activities? By that I mean independence requires having the bodily health to carry out most of our daily living. In essence we all value health and independence.

13. Be a grown up and learn to deal with frustration. Figure out how you plan to work around or deal with not achieving your goals or losing the excitement of the initial energy that goes with setting a goal.

14. Learn the principles of self-discipline. It is self-discipline that sets you free not self love. Cultivate your personal strength.

15. Give and then give a little more. This requires you to think about others and takes the pressure of the goal off the mind.

Control your thoughts by letting the thoughts enter. The minute you try to control your thoughts by not thinking about those thoughts the more persistent the thought! Read again and again for comprehension. The more you think about not eating the more you want to eat.