Hip & Back Flexion Stretch

You can do this stretch either way shown.  Pulling your knees toward your chest while laying on your back will be easier if your knees are stiff and sore.

Hip & Knee Stretch

Lay on your back.  Pull one leg toward your chest while keeping the other leg straight.  Repeat with the other side.

Hamstring Stretch

Keep your knee straight and lean forward into the stretch.  Keep your back straight as you lean forward and focus on stretching the back of the leg and not your back.

Calf Stretch

Keep your heel on the floor and keep your foot pointed straight ahead as you ease into this stretch. You are stretching calf.

Thigh Stretch

During this stretch you should be standing up straight and your knees should be near each other.  The leg you are stretching should not be out to the side or out in front.  Depending on how flexible you are you may be able to hold your ankle or you can hold the back of your shoe, your pant leg, or rest your foot on a step or seat.  You may be more safe and able to relax into the stretch better if you can hold onto something for balance.