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I first went to Active Living Services in January 2010. It was the first step on a long road. I was overweight with high blood pressure and out-of-control blood sugars. My breathing was terrible and my mental state was subject to question. After the first 12 weeks under the guidance of a staff of trainers who are second to none, the support and direction they gave me kept me going. The members also keep each other going and we all support each other. The road has been 22 months long, but I’m now 75 pounds lighter and my insulin has gone from 150 units per day to 30. My blood sugars and blood pressure are just about perfect. There is all the support you need, plus educated, very dedicated and friendly trainers to set up individual programs for each person. This is truly a wonderful place.

Fred Wright

I have experience Scott’s expertise first hand am extremely pleased with the results. My exercise program was thought out and uniquely designed for my disability. I recommend Scott Downey to anyone needing a custom program – of any type!

Luke Johnson

When Bernie, a friend of mine with even more white hair than me suggested that a gym would be a good idea to include on my retiree’s list of things to do, I had a vision of being in a large room filled with medieval machinery operated by sweaty forty somethings eagerly comparing notes about marathoning to Alaska and then swimming back down the coast so as to be on time for work on Monday. Frankly, the whole idea seemed a little daunting. Was I ever in for a surprise when he invited me to see his gym and I entered the world of exercise for the value of it and the very caring management of Debbie Belanger and Maureen Knight. The group working out was a senior’s group and it was quickly apparent that care and consideration for their age and health were central. Now, after working out for some time, my conclusion is that this little gym in the new Penticton Events Centre is a real godsend and both Maureen and Debbie deserve top marks for its being successful and contributing so much to the health of its users. It will impress you and the friendliness that Maureen and Debbie show at all times will make the invitation to visit into a time to stay.

Simon Nankivell
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